As an Example: Creating an HVAC Program

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This section contains a step-by-step procedure for the creation of a simple HVAC program using the Catalyst graphical programming interface. The program will control an outside air damper. The program will decide if outside air can be used to cool the building, and then modulate the damper to bring in the correct amount of fresh air. The procedure demonstrates the following tasks:

Placing and configuring programming blocks

Configuring functional blocks

Copying blocks and configuration properties

Using Properties and configuring slots

Changing NV types

Using ReferenceHubs and ReferenceTargets

Compiling the code and downloading the code to a controller

Using Debug mode

Using overrides

Pre-Existing Conditions This example assumes that your PC has the Circon Catalyst plug-in installed, and the PC is attached to a network with a Circon controller that can be programmed using Catalyst (Circon UHC-400 or SCC-410).

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