RealTimeClock Tasks

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The RealTimeClock date, time, and time zone are set through the RealTimeClock functional block.

Open the RealTimeClock functional block by clicking on the RealTimeClock SmartTag and selecting ‘Configure Functional Block’.

To set the date and time or to synchronize the date and time with the PC:

Click on the Tasks menu and select Set Time.

Specify the date and time in the Time to Set field; or

Click Sync to PC.

To set the interval at which the programming block updates to the output network variable: :


In the box labeled ’Update interval’ choose an update time by typing or using the up and down arrows.

To select a TimeZone:

Below the label ‘TimeZone’ click the wide button. Select your time zone from the drop down list.

To use Daylight Savings Time:

Check the box labeled ‘Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes’.

To compute the sunrise and sunset for the current date when using a SunriseSunset programming block, set the TimeZone as specified above and specify a Geographic Location:

Below the label ‘Geographic Location’ specify the Longitude and Latitude in decimal degrees format.

(Optional) Specify an Elevation in meters, and assign a Name.

Note: the elevation will be shown in feet if your PC’s region is set to U.S.