What You Can Do with Catalyst

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Circon Catalyst provides a graphical programming environment with an intuitive design that reduces both programming errors and programming time.

Catalyst contains many programming blocks providing a wide range of features and pre-defined functions especially suited to intelligent building control. The available functions include:

Mathematical functions such as square root, averaging, minimum, maximum, sine, cosine, and modulus

Time and date functions

Logical operators

Data sharing functions using LonWorks network variables, with support for many Standard Network Variable Types (SNVTs), including structured types such as SNVT_switch, and SNVT_temp_setpt

HVAC predefined functions such as various staging strategies, enthalpy, and wet bulb calculations

A wide range of general controls and functions such as PID control, falling edge detection, and ramp functions

Catalyst encourages the creation and use of program libraries that can bring new projects to completion in less time. Graphical programming projects can be saved and re‑used with other projects. Standard groups of programming blocks can be saved as Snippets for reuse in the same or in different projects.

Catalyst compiles and downloads your program to the controller from within the graphical interface. The Catalyst debugging feature can monitor your program in real-time, or test your program in a simulation where you can override input values and network variable values to create suitable testing conditions.

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