Align the Programming Blocks

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1.Press the Shift key and click on the two AnalogInputs and the NumericConst.

2.Click the Align to Left button. CIRCON~1_img45  The selected items will align on the left side.

3.Click the Distribute Vertically button. CIRCON~1_img115  The selected items will be equally spaced along a vertical axis.

4.Press and hold down the Shift key and left click on the two ReferenceHubs.

5.Click the Align to Right button. CIRCON~1_img102  The selected items will align on the right side.

Note:When selecting items for alignment, do not also select the links. For example, if you select a group of programming blocks by clicking and dragging the cursor you will select the programming blocks and associated links. When you then click 'Align to Left' or 'Distribute Vertically' both the links and the programming blocks will be aligned. The result will be unsatisfactory.

The page should look approximately like Figure 16 on page .

The code made from the first page will decide if the outside air is cool enough to use for cooling the building. For free cooling, the OAT should be a little cooler than the space temperature. In this example, the OAT must be at least 3.6°F cooler than the space temperature.

The Add programming block adds 2C° (3.6F°) to the OAT. This value is compared against the inside air temperature by the GreaterThan programming block. If the outside air is cool enough, the output from the GreaterThan block is True. The output is sent to a ReferenceHub to enable a PID programming block on page 2.

The inside air temperature is linked to another ReferenceHub to be an input to a controller on page 2.