Browse Network Accessible Objects

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The Browser provides a summary of all network accessible objects in the project.

To open the Browser, click View > Browser. The Browser pane will appear at the bottom of the screen:


The Browser is divided into sub tabs for each of the network accessible object types. Clicking a tab lists all objects of that type in the current project. Depending on the tab selected, some or all the following columns are available:

Name: displays the name of the object.

Direction: displays the direction of the network variable as Input or Output.

Index: displays the index number assigned to the programming block.

Change Type: allows the SNVT assigned to the object to be changed. Applicable only to those object types which have an associated SNVT.

Type: displays the type of programming block.

Configure: displays the configuration dialog for the program block.

Locate: locates and highlights the object on the page.

Value: displays the current value for the program block during debugging.

Current State, Next State, and Time to Next State: displays the respective states for a Schedule object