DigitalInput Tasks

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This section describes the configuration of the DigitalInput functional block. For analog configuration, see AnalogInput Tasks on page .

All inputs on the UHC-400 are Universal Inputs (UI) and are fully configurable through software. Both analog inputs and digital inputs use the UI functional block.

To configure the UI functional block:


1.On the DigitalInput, click the SmartTag. From the menu select ‘Configure Functional Block’. The functional block will open.

2.Optionally, enter descriptive text in the  ‘Description’ box.

3.Under ‘Point type’, click the drop down arrow and select Digital.

4.After you select ‘Digital’, the analog settings will be disabled. The digital input settings will remain operable.

5.In the area titled ‘Communication Settings’, set the timers associated with the UI’s output network variable.

6.In a digital input, only the Heartbeat and Min send time settings will be available.

7.These timers determine the update behavior of the output network variable associated with the UI functional block, when it is bound to one or more input network variables. See Network Variable Transmit Control on page  for a description of these settings.

8.In the area titled ‘Digital’, check the Normally closed contact box if this describes the input.

9.Click OK.

See Also: AnalogInput, page .