Install your Circon 400 series Controller

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Using a LNS network management tool, you can create and commission a Circon 400 series controller in your LNS database.  In order to program Circon 400 series controllers, you must use the Circon Catalyst LNS plug-in.  The following 400 series controllers are programmed using Catalyst:

Circon UHC-400

Circon SCC-410

If you do not have a connection with an actual 400 Series controller you can still create the device in the LNS database, and develop programs using the Catalyst plug-in; however, you will not be able to compile and download programs until you have a connection to a commissioned controller.  To use Visual Integrator or Network Integrator to create a device in the LNS database, use the following steps:

Note: Without a connection to a 400 series controller, you will be able to begin, but unable to complete, your graphical programming project.


1.Select the Subsystem to contain the device, or create a new Subsystem. (See the  help file for instructions about creating a subsystem. )

The right hand pane should now display the subsystem.

2.In the right hand pane, right click and select New > Device.

3.Enter the device name and description.

4.If connected to an actual 400 series controller, click Commission Device. If not currently connected to a 400 series controller, commission your controller later when one is available.

5.Click Next.

6.Select Existing Template. Click the drop down arrow and select the device template for the 400 series controller. Click Next.

7.In the 'Channel' area, in the Name box, click the drop-down arrow and select the name of the channel use to the connect the 400 series controller to the LON.

8. Click Finish. The 400 series controller should now appear in the subsystem.